Can I Access Mobi (Mobile Travel) and Jetnet from My Mobile Device?

To learn more about why you are unable to log in to Mobi or use Jetnet from a mobile device, refer to the following information:

Mobi (Mobile Travel) is no longer owned by the Mobility Solutions group. The Contact Us link in Mobi (Mobile Travel) has been updated to send e-mail to

Verify that you are using Mobi (Mobile Travel), and not trying to access Jetnet directly from a mobile device. We understand the desire to access Jetnet on the go, but unfortunately, it was not designed as a mobile Web site. That means it does not always work with mobile devices even if it has in the past. Sometimes updates are made to the Web site beyond our control which changes the way the site appears on mobile phones, iPads, and iPods, etc.

For a complete list of company-supported devices, go to What are the approved American Airlines corporate devices?

You can, however, access as the mobile version of Jetnet, but some features and access are limited. For support with that mobile site, e-mail

The only devices we support for Internet access are the mobile devices the company issues.

This means we are unable to troubleshoot problems with iPhones or iPods or iPads reaching Jetnet because Jetnet was not designed to work on mobile devices.

Mobi travel is a website you access from your mobile device.Fore information regarding all available mobile travel applications, go to the Jetnet Help Center, and view What are the mobile applications available for Employee Travel?

You can, however, access Mobi (Mobile Travel) as the mobile version of Non-Rev Travel Planner, but you need to remember that some features and accessibility are limited.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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